Meeting minutes.

Meeting opened at 3:15pm

Video of Riders events was shared before the opening of the meeting. It will be put on the

Facebook page for Dept. of Florida Riders

Roll Call-The following officers and chapters were present:

Don Cox, Kurt Knechtle, Jim Merritt, Tom Serianni, Ed Flack, Melvin Lane, Mary McCarthy, Erik

Schmitz, Wendy Lane and Tom McNamara. Chapter 2,9,33,35,44,47,60,81,88,113,444 and

7467 were present as well.

Treasury report (see Page 8-10) $6850.43 with one outstanding check We owe for

51 members to national.

1st Vice-Kurt- 20 chapters and just over 500 Riders. Sounds good, however, we are 100

members below where we were last year.

2nd Vice -Jim-Make sure the raffles and fundraisers are going. We have 5 chapters not

reporting. He has sent out e-mails and phone calls but not everyone is reporting.

Christmas is in November needs to sell the books or get them back to the Dept. to get them to

those who need them.

Don -Tickets can be sold to anyone not just AMVETS

JA -Melvin-SOP’s We only have about 25% of the chapters with SOP’s So please get them in.

Don -Only need to have very simple information

PRO -Wendy-No report

Chaplain -Erik

Chapter 2 Clyde Farrell's brother passed, Mary Mc surgery and Karen Cox all need to be in your prayers.

New Business

Tom McNamara- Rolling Thunder

Chapter 47 has 9 members with 5 in attendance (Their paperwork is late)

Riders are taking over Rolling Thunder. In discussion with the Pentagon police, permits have been filed. Going to use the Lincoln memorial steps and some need to get some big hitter bands. Need 200-300 volunteers.

Working on getting perks for those who help out. Trying to get Verizon to give us tables to build membership. Just 10% would double the AM VETS membership with 100K people expected.

Anyone interested can go to AMVETS National Riders website and leave information for Kathy

Campbell to get so you can volunteer. AMVETS Riders will be the face of it but all AMVETS

divisions will participate. Rolling Thunder is branded but we are looking for a new title. Perhaps the AMVETS Freedom ride. Waiting on permits. Arty Mueller asked that we wait until Rolling Thunder was over and now that that has happened we are getting started forming committees.

Rolling Thunder has been doing regional events but we would like to do some and have been contacted by others who used to do them that would like to continue to do so with us.

JC Carpenter of 33 wanted to know if there would be any travel assistance. Tom said he is not sure but that has not been determined. Committees will include hotels, bike parking, etc.

Ed Flack -September will be a rally at Chapter 44 for 22 everyday. Fall Rally will be the new name to not confuse it with the National Mid Year Rally. He has postcards and posters. Hotel will be next to the interstate and cost $99 per night including breakfast. Chapter 44 has a big field area to allow for

trailer parking. Dinner by the sons Friday. Fun ride on Saturday morning then a service to follow. Food, music and lots of fun. Raffles will be done, but we need items donated to help raise money. There are 6 motorcycles strapped to the ceiling and they will be used for racing.

Plant city is the location. 09/20 and 21 (Friday and Saturday) A great way to build and raise money for your post. Go back to your chapters and put in your bid for next year’s event. Your chapter could be the location for next year. This is a department level event but need all chapters involved. Hotel is 8-10 minutes from Hotel. New hotel, Hampton by Holiday Inn.Campers and Tents can be accommodated in the field at Post 44. There is also a campground very near the Post, within walking distance to the post. Bottle raffle-tickets were sold


President-Kurt Knechtle

1st Vice-Melvin Lane

2nd Vice-Jim Merritt

JA-Shannon McNamara

Sgt. at Arms-Ed Flack & Ron Hoban

Treasurer-Wendy Lane

PRO Jodi Wood. 

Chapter 2-10 delegates (2 present)

Chapter 9-3 delegates (2 on the floor)

Chapter 33-3 (3 on the floor)

Chapter 35 -3 (2 on the floor)

Chapter 44-9 (3 on the floor)

Chapter 47-2 (2 on the floor)

Chapter 60- (1 on the floor)

Chapter 81-2 (2 on the floor)

Chapter 88-(2 on the floor)

Chapter 113-7 (1 on the floor)

Chapter 312-4 (3 on the floor)

Chapter 444-3 (3 on the floor)

Chapter 7467-4 (0)

8 Department Officers

1 past Department president

33 voting delegates

17 is the majority

All unopposed Officers were given a vote of affirmation by the Dept. Secretary and are newly elected officers.

Hoban-Charter member who started the Riders and is a past Sgt. of arms for 6 years. He has never missed a meeting

Ed Flack-Served Sgt. at arms for 1.5 years but wants to serve 1 more year before attempting to move up in the chairs.

Both candidates leaving the room and both cast a vote for themselves

Votes for 


Ed Flack-Unanimous

Ed is Re-elected for Sgt. at Arms.

$74 for bottle raffle

Motion by Don to adjourn and 2nd by all

Jug raffle

Jr. AMVETS presented the Dept. of Florida a plaque to thank us for the support.

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