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Welcome to AMVETS Riders charitable org of Florida

Welcome to AMVETS Riders charitable org of Florida

Welcome to AMVETS Riders charitable org of FloridaWelcome to AMVETS Riders charitable org of Florida

About Us ROLLING THUNDER LETTER From: AMVETS Riders National President George Cummings Greetings my brothers and sisters of our great AMVETS Riders organization. It is with great honor that I bring to you information that I have been working on collaboratively with the AMVETS. We have been working to continue the Call to Action demonstration which was started in 1987 in Washington D.C. by Rolling Thunder to bring attention to those service men and women that were serving our country during war whom never came home. Over 82,000 of these brave men and women, also known as POWs and MIAs, never returned home. National AMVETS Riders will continue this event starting in 2020 and every year after until we can bring them all home. What I am asking of all of you is, will you join us in making this a success. We will need many boots on the ground to pull this off. Rolling Thunder has done a great job showing us the way so let’s keep the message going in the AMVETS Riders traditional ways. Please contact the Riders National Communications Officer Kathy Campbell or me if you would be willing to take this pledge. More information will be coming down the pipeline with possible perks for anyone who volunteers to help put on this event. This year’s 2019 event had over 1.5 million bikes in attendance! We project that a lot of the attendees would join our rank and file membership and grow our cause to assist all Veterans far and wide. AMVETS Riders to the forefront! Your AMVETS Riders National President; George Cummings



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