AMVETS Riders  Department of Florida
AMVETS Riders  Department of Florida
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    Are a dedicated and patriotic group of motorcycle riders who hold true to an unwavering respect for our Nation, our Flag, and our Military past, present and future.
    We are committed to the freedom of this Nation, to provide community service and fellowship, and to preserve and support the aims and goals of the AMVETS organization.



    President Robert "Dolphin" Wills FL60
    1st Vice President Richard Mann FL44
    2nd Vice President Kurt Knechtle FL113
    Treasurer Tom Serianni FL312
    Judge Advocate Melvin Lane FL2
    Sergeant at Arms Ed "Cowboy" Flack FL44
    Secretary Mary McCarthy FL9



    Please pray for Wendy Lane from FL2 who will be having surgery Tuesday morning to repair damage to her shoulder.  She has been in a lot of pain for awhile after breaking her shoulder some time ago,and will have a few weeks of recovery ahead.  We're praying that your surgery is successful Wendy and you'll have a full recovery!

    Please post all prayer request to  


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